Is your products originals?
YES! All our products are guaranteed to be 100 percent original. We do not sell any counterfeit clothing through our website.
Is your product new or used?
Yes, all products are basically new, however since they are “overruns or left over Garments, some of them are New with Tags and New without tags. However we clearly stated in all our offers and listings.
What is Overruns or left over garment?
Overruns garment is left over production. All garment factories should have 2 to 3 percent left over garment every time they finished with production. We buy and pass these deals to our wholesale customers.
Are they Grade A?
Yes all garments we buy have passed strict QC before we ship to our customer.

I could not find products I want from your website
A. Since our products are keeping change time to time, we develop order form to see our buyer profile so we know how to handle and source the right products for you. Every customer has different product needs, so tell us what you need and we will get back to you by email.

Who is your main customer?
We sell to online retailers, Flea Marketers, Discount store to Giant wholesalers. We have been serving eBay power sellers for 7 consecutive years now.
Where the goods coming from?
We mainly source our goods from Indonesia. We also Source from other ASEAN countries including: CAMBODIA, VIETNAM and THAILAND.
How You Ship your products?
Most of online retailers we ship them with express courier 3 business days with tracking. We work closely with UPS, DHL and Fed Ex. We also ship by sea with 40-foot container for bigger orders.
What is your payment method?
All payment should be made to our HSBC account number.