Although we specialise in garment industry, we also do the brokerage services in other commodities which are located in Indonesia and or South East Asia region. Should you need our proffesional help on survey and representative agency please do let us know so we would able to help you. Once again, we are company that build and growth from the trust.
Along with the foreign market demand increasing highly, so we opened the export channel to several countries on some continents such as Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Because of the products that we have is a quality product that in demand by people in the countries that we mentioned earlier.
For making sure, we have to maintain the quality of our products that mainly from the authenticity and thus the price that can compete in the world class.
We serve both retail and wholesale export, in accordance with customer's own purposes refer to the terms and conditions that we made.
Let Inter Ocean Industries be your One Stop Shopping Resource.
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